Guys, I've just been offered a late 98 B10 3.2 Alpina, Silver/black, 66,000miles and one of my peers has got the lady to drop the price to £7,000 = $11,900 (@$1.7-£1)

It has updated lghts, and original, fully loaded as Alpina's are, with TFT's, Sat Nav, DVD Player, and 02 M5 exhaust and rear bumper, with orginal available.

What do you reckon? Worth this price or...

Views much appreciated

Only today I've also purchased a good deal (I trade):

Late 02 M5, gloss black/black w cream piping, 32000miles, for £20000, with warranty still remaining, and in excellent condition, with AC Schnitzer 19's and AP racing 4 and 6 pot calipers etc (many more extra's).

Taking £1 to be $1.7, thats $34,000- superb it'll do for me!

Both I've not seen yet, but an assocaite has and has faxed me some details, from another part of the country.

Adam Darore
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