I hit a small to medium size pothole on the NY State Thruway today. I felt it on the left side of the car. The car continued to drive fine. When I got home 20 miles later, I checked the hood gaps. When I checked the gaps two weeks ago I could get a quarter through the gap, from the windshield to the headlight on both the left and right sides. Now, I can get it through on the right side, but it gets tight just above the headlight on the left side. Not easily noticed visually, but a definite small change. In addition, when I checked the gap above the front bumper from right to left two weeks ago, the quarter got stuck just to the right of the left headlight. Now it can make it through the entire gap from headlight to headlight. I do not want to over react. Could this be just a slight shift in the hood because of the pothole? The slight shift in body panels was mentioned in the BMW Munich letter posted on McFly's website. Or does it sound like minor frame distortion? It seems to me that the hood has shifted slightly since there is a change at the side gap and at the gap above the bumper. I appreciate any opinions/advice.