Ive been searching through forums about superchargers and how it works in comparison with the turbo. I know that the supercharger is belt driven. I talked to this person who has already made fabricated piping for the intercooler from that to the turbo, to the filter and to the throttle body. It has also a flange for the BOV as well. This was all made specifically for the e36 m3 and M roadsters. This gave me the idea of instead of buying a kit, I am going to piece it together since I will not have to do much fabricating myself. Here is what im thinking of doing

t3/t4 60-1 turbo
Intercooler with all piping
TIAL 38mm Wastegate
Downpipe with o2 sensor
Turbonetics Manifold
42# injectors?
oil lines? Where to buy it?

Im just aiming for 7-8 psi aiming for a good 330-350 WHP. I know that the only thing that I am concern with is the tuning, but I might be using this e-manage system that midnight autowerks uses. Ive heard about tapping the oil pan, can someone explain this?

Is this a good list, what else am I missing. I dont know if I should look into a turbo or supercharger, is the DIY process for the supercharger much more simple and lets say, cheaper? Is it easier as in, tuning, parts to come by, and install.