Hi all,

Last week, the CPO '03 530 I purchased using using BMW's CPO web site finally arrived. I was of course very excited. The dealer shipped it accross the country.

Unfortunately, since receiving the car I'm discovering problems:

1. There was damage while shipping (I'm pursuing this with the shipper's insurance company with my insurance company's help).
2. I discovered that the dealer hadn't addressed a number of problems that should have been fixed as part of the CPO certification:
a) The MID/Radio display is malfunctioning and shows garbled characters (several rows and columns of pixels are bad)
b) The odomemter and central message display has the same problem
c) There were no Valet and Wallet keys accompanying the car
d) There appears to be rust on the brake pads and calipers

Does anyone have suggestions on how to go about getting these issues addressed? The dealership who sold me the car is not being very responsive. :(

Thanks a lot.

- Eshwar