This is a car worth taking a test drive in. Rarely has Audi sparked any of my interest -- but I like what I have read on this vehicle.

As for the C55--
Mercedes builds a quality car but I have never been impressed with their performance vehicles . My feeling on Mercedes is that the cars are somewhat dull to drive but rather classy to sit in . Also the general bling bling look at me type crowd tend to love the "Benz" as well as the more mature and less driver enthusiast types . Don't get me wrong -- I just picked up a used E class that has only 11K miles on it which my girlfriend drives and we both love it for interior quality --but I must say --it really is BORING to drive. I wish Mercedes built a BMW type perforance car -- because the interior as well as body styling on the "Benz" totally outclasses anything I have recently seen from BMW . The new fangled BMW's are quite ugly and in my opinion the 3 series is the best of the worst(5 series --barf ) . Just my opinion.