Hello all,

I posted the below message in the Wheel and Tire section. I didn't get a response yet. I was wondering if any of you know if the e39 M5 rear axle dimensions are the same as the e39 530 sport? I would like to fit the rear M5 wheels but am worried that because of the offset I will have trouble fitting them. Thanks!



I have a chance to buy the M5 wheels Style 65. The front specs are 18x8 with 20mm offset, and rears are 18x9.5 with 22mm offset. The stock tire sizes are 245/40/18 ET 20mm for the front and 275/35/18 et22mm for the rear. I have a 2002 530i sport with the stock 17" wheels. two questions:

1. Would these wheels fit my car with the stock tire size or any other tires size that will fit the wheels?

2. What tire do you recommend. I have winter tires and wheels already. It is a daily driver and I will not track the car. So probably my requirements are a. Noise, b. comfort, c. performance.

Thanks Jim!