I'm not saying that my wife is getting on my case about the fact that there's no room in the car for our two young sons...ok, well maybe I am. But I'm curious, how many 2+2 or 4-seater convertibles can even hold a candle to my Z8?

JoeA will yell, "DB9!!!" and I can't say that I disagree with him. But, at $190K its a little bit out of my range. Although its one handsome car. Funny how the design is so similar to our lovely little roadsters. ;)

But what else is there? The M6 Convertible makes me ill. Ferrari has no offering that I am aware of today (although it would be pretty cool to see a Scaglietti with a retractable top) and the old 2+2s seem to have all been coupes unless I'm mistaken.

What else is out there?

Mercedes? No.
Audi? Boring.
Maserati? Are they going to make that Quattroportte topless?

Man, this is a really looking like an underserved market.

Have at it, you've got $100K to spend, what do you buy to fit 2 adults and 2 smallish kids? New or used.