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    Coolant Temperature Gauge and Purchasing Guide

    Greeting from E36 M3 board. I test drove a '01 Carbon Black M5 today, what a machine. Anyhow, when driving, I noticed the coolant temp varied from just below center, to closer to first mark when on the highway. All the bmw's I've owned, E34 535i and E36 M3 most extensively, the coolant gauge always reads dead center, and if they don't you know there is a problem. Is the E39 M5 different, with a gauge that actually moves from center based on real coolant temp, or does this car need a thermostat? We drove it for about an hour, so my thought was it should stay dead center.

    Also, is there a buyers guide or check list for buying a used e39 M5, obviously I know the 2001+ is the way to go as far as updated items, but other than that, this car seemed so perfect, not sure what else to check, also, it is under CPO for another 8 months or so. What is the right price for a 67k '01, he is asking 36k, we were thinking more like 32-33k, but sounds like he would only go to 34.5 or so. Car is in the midwest and carbon black on black. Very clean.

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    Re: Coolant Temperature Gauge and Purchasing Guide

    My coolant temperature gauge operates the same as you describe - it is often reading slightly cooler than dead center. In hot weather or when driving it hard it will go to dead center.

    Mike2003 M5 Jet Black

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    Thanks.. What about Buyers Guide?

    Thanks, any thoughts about a buyers guide? I know with E36 M3 there are tons of problem areas to check for. What about E39? Guessing with CPO, not a big deal, just look for wear and tear items like brakes, clutch, tires, suspension, all which felt great on the car we tested.

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    same here re: coolant temp

    as for a buyers guide, do a search at m5board dot com as there is a lot more info there.

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