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    Early E39 with new Business CD (MP3) and AUX input

    I installed the Auxiliary Audio Input kit this weekend and it works fine, as I expected. Now I have an AUX input jack in the glove box for when I decide to add XM radio or something similar. I can also pop in an MP3 player with podcasts or similar "one-time" material I might load up, instead of burning to an Audio or MP3 CD-R.

    To recap:

    In my 1999 E39 (Cassette, 6-CD changer, non-DSP), I recently replaced the original cassette head unit (65128375947) with a newer, 2005 Business CD head unit (65126943433). I was able to mate the new head unit to the existing harness using the 3-piece harness adapter (61126913954, 61126913955 and 61126913957). This equipment works fine; I can play single audio CDs and CD-Rs, MP3-format CD-Rs, and I can play AM/FM/radio and the 6-CD changer as before. The CD changer does not play MP-3 format CD-Rs.

    The Business CD head unit will handle MP3-format CD-Rs with one level of folders. The MID displays TR01-001 for the first track in the first folder, TR01-002 for the second track, TR01-003 etc., then TR02-001 for the first track in the second folder, TR02-002 for the second track, etc. I assume I can have up to 99 folders with up to 999 tracks each; essentially no limit. With 192kbps to 256kbps bit rates, I can fit about 6 hours of program on a single CD-R. I can access the folders by toggling the "m" above the volume control and then pressing the left or right arrow to select the previous or next folder. With the "m" toggled off, the arrows select the previous and next track within the current folder.

    I then added the Auxiliary Audio Input kit (82110149390) for later use with an iPod, XM radio tuner or similar. I followed the instructions in the Installation Manual (01290309669) (also at http://www.bmwmotorsports.org/pdf/E39_E53_E83AuxPortInstallInst.pdf), and it works perfectly. The MODE soft-key on the MID now selects the radio, the CD changer, the CD player and AUX, in turn.

    I also purchased the Auxiliary Power Adapter (82110004073), which connects to the flashlight power socket and provides a 12-volt "cigarette lighter socket" inside the glove box for powering an iPod, MP3 Player, etc.

    Note that with this setup, you cannot control the AUX device, it't pure input and you only control the volume. The new BMW iPod interface addresses the control issues.

    Here's the 3-piece harness adapter:

    And here's the Auxiliary Power Adapter

    BTW, my local dealer sold me the Auxiliary Audio Input kit without asking the year/model of my vehicle.

    Washington DC
    [email protected]

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    I wonder if that would work for '99 DSP


    '99 540i sport, 6 spd
    3.15 differential
    Stop Tech front big brake kit, SS lines
    Eibach front/rear sway bars
    Dinan strut tower brace
    Hamman HM2 18" wheels w/Potenza SO3 tires
    Rogue Engineering short shifter
    Zionsville Autosport aluminum radiator
    Resonator delete
    ACS exhaust
    ACS front & rear body kits
    ACS 3 piece trunk spoiler
    ACS pedal set and e-brake handle
    CDV delete
    EVO Sport under-drive pulley kit
    M5 Grills
    Hella Xenon AE, auto leveling, clear corners
    Clear rear tail lights
    Clear sidemarkers
    Pre-wired V1 radar
    Traction control default "OFF"
    Homelink (lighted)
    Icelink w/ID tag display
    35% titanium tint

    I am a BMW Car Club of America member, are you? http://www.bmwcca.org/

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    and '00 DSP :)

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    How is the radio reception now?

    I have heard that BMW changed the way the Diversity antennas work at some point in the lifespan of the E39 - and the two systems are not compatible. So if you install a newer CD player in an older E39 you may end up with little or no radio reception.

    How does your radio work now?


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    FM radio is fine

    I have noticed no difference in the FM reception. I live in Washington DC; most of the broadcasters are local and the stations I listen to (WAMU 88.5, WETA 90.9, WARW 94.7, WJZW 105.9) are clean, clear signals. I don't listen to AM.

    I'm afraid I cannot speak to the diversity antenna issue. In my case, with the parts listed, the radio works as well after as before the installation of the kit.


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