Don't know if you guys saw my troubles on the other board, but I had to sell the M5. The bottom end of the motor was toast (totally unexpected), and I don't have $6-8k to fix a toy with baby #2 on the way. I sat in it for the last time today before she gets picked up tomorrow. Turbo Charging Dynamics bought the car with racing intentions which sounds pretty cool. I just wanted to say one last THANKS! to the community here which is truly invaluable. These wonderful cars will have a great life thanks to folks like you who want to keep them alive and well.

I have two pieces of advise: One, if you are thinking about buying an M5, budget $15k minimum. That means you can buy a budget one and rebuild everything or spend it all up front and buy a perfect car. In the long run these cars will cost you, but they also reward better than anything I have driven to date. Two, REPLACE YOUR CLUTCH! I knew my clutch was stiff, but I didn't think it was out of the ordinary compared to a 535iS I had a long time ago. It turned out that the clutch was so worn in my car that it had caused the crank to move back and forth and seriously wear the center web of the block. Today I sampled what a new clutch feels like and it was buttery soft. Fix it now or seriously pay for it later. While I was told a failure like mine is very rare, it still pays to take care of things up front.

So Long,
Bob K
1988 ///M5
no more pimp-tint