Picked up my car last friday afternoon. The time at the Dealer was only about 3 1/2 hours. Definately alot of information to take in at one time. Here are my initial impressions:

AWESOME car!!!

It's everything I've wanted in a car as far as speed, comfort, handling, etc. There are a few small things I would change if I were in charge of BMW (see below). I took it pretty easy on it over the weekend but already have 400 miles on it. The car wants to take off. Everyone already knows this car is fast, agile, good looking, and very unique in todays world of cars. That being said, here's what I think could be better.

Cup Holders were obviously an after thought. I drive 52 miles each way to work and the placement and useability of these things are questionable.

The rear seat has less room than my 330CI. I know this car wasn't made for driving kids around but I need to be able to do it ocassionally and my 6'1' 215lb, 14 year old son barely fit back there. He couldn't even keep his head straight due to the ceiling height. Not a real big problem but people need to know if they have older kids that this could be a problem.

Don't expect to change CD's in the 6 disk changer while sitting in the drivers seat. The changer sits WAY back in the glove box. You need to load the changer with your favorites and keep the single disk for current selections.

Doors don't open up very far. My 330CI doors opened almost straight out. The 6er doors for some reason only go out about 2 1/2 feet.

Sun visors need an extension on them. The sun shines on my drivers side in between where the sun visor stops and the end of the door on my ride home everyday. Other car makers have extensions on thier sun visors. It's strange that BMW hasn't done this yet. Guess there's not much sun in Germany.

I know I'm reaching with these "problems". Thier not really a big deal. I'm just passing info along so others know about them while thier waiting for thier cars to get delivered.

Overall, I wouldn't trade this car for anything. All's I think about all day long is driving it. Nothing else I've driven compares.

I'll say it again.......AWESOME car.

Pic's to follow

Titanium Silver, Black Dakota Leather, Step, Premium Sound, Sport, Comfort Access, Dark Birch trim, Heated Seats, HD and Sat radio.

Silver BMR