so let me sum up the last few days of my SLS time...
I really wonder if I am getting old and decrepid or losing my mind or just this life of not working is getting me drunk too often and I cant focus on things properly. haha I dont know, but I made a few errors that are totally unlike me.

The car is fine when unloaded. with weight in it, it would sink, then pump up, click the pump off, wait a few secs then drop an inch.. wait them pump up, wait then drop and continue forever.
I suspect that the switch is the problem mostly because there is nothing else adjustable. I think dirty contacts are slow to open and close causing the over pumping and over dropping action..

SO I take the switch apart only to discover that there are no switches in side and there is a moving arc brush thing inside that rubs on a variable resistor trace thing.. sorta like our AFM.. so no dirty contacts or anyting to adjust ... some mercury switches and a circuit board. To get the switch apart there are five wires individually plugged onto the baord.

the 5 wires are:
accesory power
up signal - output
down signal - output
and brake signal - input

anyway I cleaned it up and reinstalled it.... and the system was absolutely dead.... so now i am really convinced the switch is the problem ONLY TO FIND OUT THE SWITCH COSTS OVER ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!

after fainting. I took it apart again.. then I discover my mistake - I plugged the power and ground in backwards. and it smelled like burned electronics inside. I cant believe I did such a stupid thing on a 1000 dollar part.
much close inspection and so on and I find a burned trace on the PC Board and fixed that. - I re-tested and found it will go up but not down. Back apart again and I find that under a diode there was another burned trace. so out with the diode and fix that and then finally the thing works again.

During all this I somehow put the soldering gun down and when I piced it up, it came with my mouse attached.. I melted the thing into the mouse.. aaaaaarrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhh.

Anyway so at that point I decided to go meet a friend for a beer and stop the work.

tomorrow I need to put the whole thing back together and somehow adjust the level.

I do notice that at different heights the shocks have differnet stiffness.. I wonder what is the right height???