An interesting article on the various V8s used in BMWs over the years appears in the May 2006 issue of Roundel magazine. Prominently featured are the S62 motor used in the Z8s and the M62 variant used in the Alpina. Both engines represent the pinnacle of BMW's naturally aspirated V8 development with the S62 having the highest HP/liter rating (79.74) followed closely by the M62 (77.52). The highest overall rating for a BMW "factory tuned" V8 goes to a supercharged version of the N62 4.4 liter motor as used in the Alpina B5 and B7 which produces 500 bhp and 516 lb/ft of torque and achieves a Hp/liter rating of 113.63. The Alpina B7 is scheduled to be available in the US by this July. Sharp-eyed readers may also note a reference to the "dragon" motor being prepared by Dinan. Grease Monkey