Taking the temp of those that would be interested in having a EuroSunday in the greater Sacto area. The intent is to eventually have something similar to EuroSunday Village Coffee Roasters in Woodland Hills. I might have a local roaster who might be interested with his oversized parking lot! In Woodland Hills (SoCal example), people begin searching for spots about 9:00am...begins offically at 10:00am and tapers off about 3:00pm. SoCal EuroSunday is supposed to be once a month (last Sunday of the month is their biggest turnout), but many come once a week. I am suggesting something similar...a place to show off, chat, see some exotics, see friends and other club members, munch, and drink some good coffee. Pls respond on the board with your interest (everything from "no interest", "lukewarm", to "let's do it" is appreciated)