After the death of my e21, following 5 successful years on the track (3 enduro championships), I have decided to build an early 318i and continue racing in ITB (fun group of guys).

I was giving a free 1985 318i (owner lost the title) and have stripped it to the shell. I am currently in the process of sandblasting it (in, out, and under). After a coat of POR-15 and paint, the buildup will begin.

Carryovers: Cage, Fuel Cell, Camber Plates, Quickrelease steering wheel, and seat.

I have questions, but first let me tell you that I will be running a welded 3.9, 4.10, and 4.25 diff. I've found in the past that I didn't need the rear sway bar on the e21, and got used to the handling of a locked rear. I have come to this board because helpful past threads in these forums have kept my 88ix and my '82e21 alive. Also, googling 318i race prep has proved there isn't much out there for these cars, so here goes:

1. Solid Aluminum Subframe Bushings or Poly?
2. I've heard good things about the Powerflex Bushings. Any users out there with feedback for the control arms, trailing arms, or subframe?
3. I was given a pair of spherical control arm bearings. Feedback?
4. Any leads on "inexpensive" stainless steel brake lines?
5. Coilover Brands : likes/dislikes/prices?
6. Spring Rates and Preferred Brands: Front and Rear?
7. Any other feedback, suggestions, web links, sources of info?

Thanks everyone.
Dave A.