From: [email protected]

Subject:*** 545i FOR SALE*** info request from

Hi Seller,
i am Engr Daniel,38 an african american,i presently reside in London ,UK.While surfing through the site in search of some vehicles i would like to purchase,i saw your car on the ad list and i picked interest in it and would like to buy it.
Be it as it may,i know distance is one of the major set back cons idering where i reside as at now.But that wouldn't be much of a problem if you would only accept my request to sell your car to me.
I want to assure you that payments will be readily availabe to you once i get a reply to this mail.I also want you to make an estimate of both the car payments and shippment.Once this is done and fowarded via mail to me,i would make payments available to you via any payment method you prefer at any of your choice location.
Dear seller,i would be most grateful if my request is met and if you will always keep in touch with me on any new ad on the cars you sell in future.Thanks for your co-opration

Engr Daniel.

N:B-Send me your name and the name of the car and the complete details
of the car and how much it will cost in total/Pictures of the car will be highly appreciated