Hi All,

I was just wondering what sort of oil temperature your turbo charged BMW's should run at when idling at operating temperature? Mainly because my BMW used to sit at about 80 degrees C constantly, even when creeping along in heavy traffic it only used to reached 85C max, but now, after I had a little play round with my Oil Temp/Pressure gauge, the needle tends to creep up to 90 degrees quite easily when sat in traffic, even got up to 93 when I left her idling when parked up.

Just wondering if the higher the oil temp, am I likely to damage the engine in any way? Strange thing is the water temp is sat at 72 most of the time unless I'm really driving it hard. She cools back down to 80 when I cruising along, the oil cooler is sat in the airflow, so I guess this helps things along.

Any thoughs or insights appreciated.
1982 E21 323efi Turbo (UK Spec)