I am returning to the board after about 2 years. I had initially ordered an 645CiC until I drove an M3 convertible, which I currently have. My lease is up in a year and have started to look for my next vehicle. Initially thought I would get new M3 convertible, but doesn't look like it will come out until summer 2008. My three choices are Z4M roadster, 650 conv or SL550. The roadster seems too small (I'm 6'5") which leaves 650 vs. SL550. Did anyone consider SL500/550 when looking at the 650? It seems I can get a better lease rate on the SL550. I also am attracted to folding hard top, having previously had an SC430, and the performance with the new engine in the SL550. Haven't had the opportunity to drive a 650 yet. Anyway, your thoughts and comments are appreciated. MRB