Leadfoot Adventures is having a track day at Buttonwillow Raceway on Friday August 18th, and reg is pretty cheap at only $175 for the people who sign up early. This event will sell out though, so you might want to register pretty quick.

If you've never done a track day before and you're curious about what it would be like to drive your car on a real racetrack, this event is for you! Seasoned drivers are definitely welcome in the faster intermediate and advanced sessions, but the newest drivers will get special attention. Leadfoot Adventures has a great group of very experienced drivers who will be instructing the rookies both in classroom sessions and out on track. Check out the "Rookie Jump Start" page at the www.leadfootadventures.com website for more info if you're new to the scene.

For those of you who know Buttonwillow, we'll be running the #13 track configuration, which includes both the "Lost Hill" and "Bus Stop" segments. In the counter-clockwise direction, the exit of the sweeper and entry into the Bus Stop is really fun!