hi guys , looking at getting some info about fitting a twincam 286hp M engine from a RHD sth african built M745i , into my 1986 E28 M535i .
its a RHD car with about 481600km on the clock .5speed manual .LSD etc
done up most of the interior etc , have replaced engine with 2nd hand block and rebuilt head a little while ago .
new tyres on 16" e39 bbs cross spoke wheels . rebuilt rear shocks and new front ones , replaced lots of rubber bushes front and rear ,body needs a bit of a repaint etc .
drives real nice .have had it on a track goes ok .
i am looking at possibly buying this M745i (M-power engine) with auto .
its done about 140000miles , had the camchain etc repleaced 10000miles ago , and tunned etc .
so i want to fit the engine into my E28 , what do i need to look at doing , will the extractors fit in ok around the steering box , will the clutch master cylinder fowl the head ( it sits outside onthe fire wall beside the number 6 spark plug) .
will the main power plug loom plug in the same . what clutch kit should i get , will std 535i handle the power .
what about the engine mounting arms , will the std m30 ones fit up to the M-power block .
will the radiator from the e23 fit in to the e28 body etc .
any help would be great .
can email me direct if you like .