Hi folks. I promised I'd post photos from my camshaft position sensor replacement. So here they are:


This is from a 2001 M5 with intermittent SES light indications, an occasional, slight lack of power and a "blatty" exhaust tone at low rpms. I used a Davis Carchip that indicated OBDII code P0390 over 30 times over 240 miles of mixed city/freeway driving. The code triggered at various RPM and temperature levels with no consistent event pattern. Code P0390 indicates Camshaft Position Sensor "B" circuit (Bank 2) which translates to the exhaust sensor on the left (US Driver) side of the car.

Code P0345 would be similar, but indicates Camshaft Position Sensor "A" (Intake) Bank 2 (Left US Driver's side). Iím not sure what the respective codes would be for Bank 1.

Overall, the job took me about 45 minutes, not counting the 60 mile round trip motorcycle ride to the dealership. While in there I could not even see the intake sensor, so I donít look forward to changing that one should the need arise.

Hope this helps some of you.