The following is from the October, 2006 issue of <i>Bimmer</i>:

Friedrich Nohl heads up the sport and touring car division at BMW Motorsport.

"Nohl also told us that [BMW] Motorsport has spoken with Team PTG boss Tom Tilner about racing the car [the Z4 M Coupe] in ALMS, but reached the conclusion that PTG would have to build its own car from scratch since very few of the components from the factory kit would fit within the ALMS rules.

Interestingly, BMW Motorsport boss Dr. Mario Theissen pretty much nixed any plans for a successor to the M3 V8 GTR, at least for the near future. Quoted in <i>Autosport</i>, Theissen said: "You can do many things, but not everything at the same time. We are flat out on getting our Forumla One team up and running, so we don't have the resources to do a new GT car or a car close to a GT (to race at the 'Ring). There is no project in the pipeline."