Why do some people insist on proving that their car isn't as fast as another. The M5 is a great car (Minus the butchered transmission), while it's fast...it's not in the same league as Viper/Z06 etc...

Well on sunday this idiot in his new M5 found out the hardway on the LIE. The funniest part is that after getting killed everytime...he gave me this look like "whatever I have a BMW and that's a just a dodge"....which is so funny to me because I have many cars and could easily purchase an M5 if I wanted to. Shortly put...the 380+ft of torque is no match for the 520+ft in the viper...that with the added weight of the M5..makes it no match running against the viper at speed.

What's the deal with BMW and their transmissions? I had one of the 1st E46 M3s to hit the northeast and had to Lemon Law the thing because it went through 3 differentials, 2 transmissions in 6 months! Than BMW refused to give me my money back, and even though I owned 8 BMWs in the Past I had to take them to arbitration to get my money back. That is the reason I will most likely never buy a BMW again. Their arrogance in defending their shotty product was mind-bogling, and it looks like many of you are having the same problem with the M5. It's as if they use their customers as giney pigs for any engine and transmission issues, as opposed to properly testing the product before its released. So they get it right 2-3 years into a model run..and everyone who bought the 1st couple years (usually the enthusiast) get screwed.

With that being said...please don't try and race a viper :) Welcome to the 500hp club...but you're too heavy to play in this league! :)