You do realize your comparing a 5 passenger sedan to an all out sports car. And while your E46 may have gone through some transmissions or differentials, did you ever think there could be some driver fault involved? I mean the Viper can probably handle abuse all day long, but thats because pick-up truck drivetrains can take a lot of abuse. I think the Ram is rated at around 10,000 lbs for towing and that is a lot. So go on impressing your buddies doing burnouts, holding your arm out the window (thumbs up), thats one thing the Viper is truly good at.

I mean do you really think its impressive that Dodge needed 8.3 liters to muster 500 bhp?? Yeah its got torque, but again, look at the size. The M5 V10 is 5 liters and is made for performance, it revs high and is an incredible engine, 10 throttle bodies, 40 valves etc. The massive engine in the Viper is so huge, its no surprise that it redlines at such a low rpm. If all someone cared about, that was considering a 100k-ish german car, was highway speeds, they'd buy a Mercedes with a twin turbo V12. And while they do weigh a lot, They'd walk all over a Viper at high speeds. Your tiny torque would be no match for the 600+ ft lbs (700+ in an AMG).

By the way, have you ever checked the top speed of your viper compared to the M5 with the limiter removed? The M5 does 204 mph, and if I understand that correctly, it would pass the Viper at the very slow 190 mph mark... Not only that but the M5 handles incredibly well, its typically compared to cars with only 2 doors that weigh even less than your Viper (such as a 911). How does the Viper do corners? I mean it does have huge tires, but theres no engineering in the suspension, it handles terribly, like its drunk. You'll get a ton of grip because the tires are so massive, but when you reach the limit, you'll need to replace more than a differential or transmission.

According to track-challenge, both the Viper and M5 went around nurburgring, results as follows:

E60 M5: 8:13
SRT-10: 8:13

Though around Hockenheim, the SRT-10 was about a second quicker.. All I know is Nurburgring is all about high-speeds