Well, I now have 100 miles (really "racking them up" in three weeks) on my new 650i Coupe and am an unhappy Camper. I sold my 930S Porsche Turbo when I bought this car and feel I made a big mistake. I need some opinions from you guys.

Unquestionably the 650i is a gorgeous and incredibly well made car, but you don't drive it - it drives you. I'm not used to all of the automatic computerized functions and to be quite honest, wonder why they are there? I'll probably never use 75% of them. Auto rain sensing wipers. HUH? IDRIVE, double HUH?

Is it just me that feels the IDRIVE is an overdone piece of nonsense, or am I in the minority? Wouldn't it be easier to just push a button to turn on the radio, or the nav, or whatever, instead of wasting time with all of those insane menus and control buttons? Is it just typical Teutonic over engineering or what? Are all of the new cars this much over computerized?

Help - I need some hand-holding and probably a 12 Volume User's Manual!

(Incidentally, isn't the steering wheel button supposed to move the wheel in and out as well as up and down - or is mine not functioning properly already?) Thanks for allowing me to vent.