Today I checked the pressure in my 650i convt. tires after taking delivery about 2000 miles and almost two months ago. Very foolish of me not to check sooner. I asked the service tech when I was in the delivery orientation about pressures and he assured me that they checked them. Today they were all below about 5 to6 psi (cold), with the fronts about 27 psi and the rears about 32 psi, vs mfg. recommended pressures of 32 psi front and 38 psi rear. (I use a digital guage that shows one-half psi increments.) After correcting the pressures, the car not only handles noticeably better, but tire wear and gas mileage will also undoubtedly improve. I do recall the tech asserting that the mfg recommended pressures were too high, but I do not recall his reasoning. Funny how they can go with their subjective settings on some things and for others it is strictly by the book.