Hello all- in looking to upgrade my cams to e34 M5 264s, I decided to get the S14 EVO cam gear. Looking at Turners website, I noticed a lot of other EVO stuff, like a EVO III air flow meter. Has anyone gone this route to see if it retro fits the S38? I guess if the S14 and s38 stock air flow meters are the same =-- it might just work?

E30M3 Evo III Fuel Injection Upgrade
Part #: 13621466349
Applications: 1987 - 1991 M3 (E30)
Our racing fuel injection upgrade for the E30M3 2.5 consists of four Evo III fuel injectors, Evo III Air flow meter and custom calibrated performance chip. This kit was originally designed for use on the TMS 2.5 liter engine conversion with: Stage 3 head, Schrick cams, Evo III header and straight non cat exhaust but has been a successful upgrade on other variations of this set up. The addition of these components adds the ability to supply more fuel that the 2.5 liter high performance motor demands. Choose from 7800 or 8200 rpm redline (For off road/race use only).
Price: $1,222.66
Sale Price: $1,099.00
Savings: $123.66