Was going to put a new battery in this afternoon just for preventive purposes (car is 02 and had heard they only are good for around 4 years). Car will not start. Current battery "eye" shows green (according to manual this means it's charge and OK) - it has been on a BMW battery tender since I bought the car.

When I turn the key all interior lights come on and I can hear a click that may be the starter solenoid, but starter doesn't turn over. Also, right front headlight flashes once.

Thought it might be something to do with car's security system, so used key to lock/unlock doors (no change).

Thought maybe somehow the key had been deactivated, triggering vehicle immobilizer, so tried other key (no change). As it's 3 on Friday and my dealer is 60 miles away, any ideas on what the problem could be? Thanks for your help.

MikeMike Metzger
2002 Z8 (silver/black)
2006 650 sport coupe (silver gray/chateau)