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    alpine head unit removal

    I recently bought a car with only half a stereo. The face plate was stolen and all that is left is what the prior owner says is an alpine head unit. I can't for the life of me figure out how to remove it. There don't seem to be any slots for inserting a removal key. And there is no separate trim piece that could be hiding the slots. Anyone here have any idea on how to get it out without removing/breaking the dash? Thanks!

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    Re: alpine head unit removal

    Are you sure there isnít a trim piece? Ok so now you are looking for two pins, one on each side of the unit. They look like dowels and will be pointing out to the sides or from the sides of the unit. You need to press these in and up. I use a wood punch but anything thin enough to get in there should be fine. After that the deck should slide right out.

    If you are interested oddly enough there seems to be plenty of faceplates available on E-shmay. Hope this helps.

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