I lost all clutch pressure. I flushed and bled the brakes and clutch. That didn't help, so I replaced the clutch slave cylinder along with the line from the brake fluid reservoir. Still nothing. I bled it some more, but never got any bubbles, so I changed the master cylinder and the rubber hose that goes from it to the brake fluid reservoir. Bled some more. That didn't fix it either. When it lost pressure it happened all at once; it wasn't gradual at all.

I think my slave cylinder was seized, because you can't move it by hand at all, even with vice-grips. The new slave cylinder I got from bimmerzone had the push-rod laying loose in the box. I just pushed it in the cylinder as far as I could by hand, and it can still fall right out by tilting it over. Does anyone that's messed with this before know if the push-rod will seat if I tap it in with a mallet, or is it supposed to float like that? This feels like kind of a dumb question, but it's the first itme I've ever changed a slave cylinder.

Thanks in advance for any help.