Just wanted to pet everyone know that I did see an e12 in decent shape, about 5-6 e30's in varying states, 2 e23 528e's, a roundie 02 and what looked like a 75, both rather stripped but both had carbs still attached. Also, there were a couple of e32 735's and about 4 e34's. Not much to look at but the prices are unbeleivable. You can pull a motor for $150. The location of the e12 and most of the e30's as well as a couple of e34's, well most of the show is at the jessup location. The e12 looked pretty good, good lenses available. I only saw one e34 with almost completly gutted. Ecu's are rare, I think I pulled the last 059 at the MT pleasant location. Again, the price is right, you can get an ECU for 20 bucks.

90 535i
85 635Csi