Hey guys i did it.. i got a black/black 2005 645 Production date 2004 / 10... the Caddy dealership that i got it from is going to replace some damaged panels (ripped lether from baby seats) and the fabric molding around the window is completely falling down (they say BMW warranty will fix that)....

OK now 3 questions

1. when i pull into a driveway/7-11 / most places with a slight slope.. there is a VERY noticable "rubbing/creek" noise coming from the windshield/dashboard area. Any ideas?

2. On my first drive my transmission "Banged" pulling out of an ice cream place i had started the car.. put it in reverse just fine.. then drive then i coasted to the street... then when i slowly got on the gas... "BANG". What should i have them check for? This has happened once so far. but i've had it one day.

3.How do I check software version? since i know the salesman and a very good his close friend is a GM at a BMW dealership near Philadelphia he is going to get the panels replaced and the car looked over. Can they upgrade the software?