I am planning on moving to the Bay Area sometime next year. So, as to force the issue, I have decided to drive my car from Indianapolis all the way out to San Francisco. I have a trade show to attend late next week in Denver, so I hope to break up the route over four driving days. About 550 miles to Topeak....another 500 or so to Denver. A week later afte the trade show....600 or so miles to somewhere in Nevada...and then another 600 to San Francisco.

I am hoping that a early snow does not happen in mid September in the Rockies or in the Sierra's! Anyway....should be awesome to have the Z8 out in the Bay Area...I am really looking forward to drives on Skyline and La Honda Road....as well as bonzai runs down to LA and the like.

p.s. --- any specific recommendations for out of warranty service in the future for Z8's in the Bay Area?

Tom Doherty