Ok, so I'm in the market for a 2+2 or a 4-seater. A convertible would be nice but I've resigned myself to settling for coupes because there seem to be so few roomy 2+2 convertibles. And no, Jerry, I'm not gonna sell my Z8. This one will replace my Audi now that I'm living in the South.

I started hunting around and narrowed my list to the following:

911 Turbo - Tried and true. Depending on year, vary from 70-130K. My wife loves it. My kids fit in the back. I just think it's a little too...common. I hear they're coming out with a new Turbo Cab. That might be fun but I used to have a '97 Targa and before that a '95 Cab and I loved that Targa's panoramic roof more than the claustrophobic feel of the Cab with the top up.

Maserati Quattroporte - I really like the design. Can probably pick one up with low miles for about 90K. Just don't know where I'd service it. Closest dealer is 100 miles away.

M5 - I drove Jerry's. Sick, just sick. What a car!

650i - Back seat is too small.

Ferrari 456M GT - I really love the understated look. Can pick up this MSRP 225K car with 10K miles for about 90K. Talk about depreciation. Is that NUTS or what? Same potential service issues as the Maser. Automatic is much cheaper and easier to find than the stick...can I really buy a Ferrari automatic?

DB9 - Alas JoeA, the backseat is too small for my boys. If it were bigger, it would be a no brainer. I love this car.

Mercedes - I won't buy one.

Anybody want to add others to this list? Anybody have opinions on the above? I know how Jerry feels about his M5 but I am really fighting buying another BMW product until they show me that they are going to stand behind mine.