Is version 23 out?

Here is my laundry list that i'm going to the dealership with. I picked up a used 2005 645 black/black. A lady traded it in on a 2007 Caddy Truck, seems like she had a baby cuz the passenger rear seat area is worn in nicely and the back of the front seat is all dinged and marked up from pulling seat in and out of car.

1. Dashboard area makes a creeking/twisting/rubbing noise.
-- BMW should check struts under the hood. It's from body flex.

2. Left front daytime driving light out/ Left High Beam

3. Have gotten several license plate light out messages. They come and go

4. Upgrade software to be able to play MP3 CD's (newest version of software)

5. Molding trim around both windows is falling off. both need to be completely replaced

7. Window anti-trap function always tripped on passenger door.. sometimes takes up to 10 tries to get it to close.

6. Transmission BANG!!

SI B 24 03 05
Automatic Transmission June 2005
Technical Service
Harsh 2-1 Downshift
E60 (545i); E63/64 645(Ci/Cic) with 6HP26 up to 04/05
Customer may complain of the following:
An excessively harsh 2-1 downshift when decelerating to a stop, or
Transmission "bangs" into gear when accelerating from a full or a "rolling" stop (vehicle did not come to a complete stop).

EGS software.

On a customer complaint basis only, reprogram/recode complete vehicle using SSS with CIP on-line update 17.01, or higher.

Transmission temperature must remain below 50 deg C and trans shifter must be placed in P position prior to the start of CIP programming.

Covered under the terms of the BMW New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

For the appropriate defect code and labor operation refer to the KSD system.