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    BMW 97 E36 and Xenon Factory's Polarion kit

    I'm considering Xenon Factory's 4100k Polarion HID kit for my 97 328is.


    1) I am also thinking of getting a pair of ZKW projector headlights. Will the Polarion kit (9006 bulb) fit directly into the ZKWs with no modification necessary?

    2) If I only get the Polarion kit and install it into the factory halogen lenses, will the beam pattern be normal? I had heard xenons require a projector lens for proper beam pattern.

    3) The Polarion kit only comes with a relay connecting directly to the battery. On my car the battery is in the trunk; there's a pos terminal under the hood for jumping purposes, but it's near the back (windshield end) of the bay on the passenger side. Will the relay battery connection wires reach this auxilliary positive battery terminal, and if so, can they connect to it?

    I would prefer to use the Polarion because it comes with rebased Philips bulbs. But if the relay doesn't work with my battery-in-the-trunk car, I'd have to go with the Sirius kit (GE bulbs) where the relay is an option, and they offer a direct connector to the car's stock headlight power leads.

    4) Does my year/model car require the E36 low-beam-failure fix listed on their site? (You know - hook up the xenon kit and the car pops a low-beam failure on your dash module, requiring you to either live with it, or dig up under the dash and snip/reconnect wires to bypass.) Or is that only required for some years/models of the e36?

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    Xenon Factory answered all and on a Saturday too!

    Below is the email I just received to these questions; it may help others like me who are new to lighting upgrades on the E36.

    I emailed the same questions posted here to Xenon Factory. In my experience, aftermarket companies and mechanics, if they respond to email at all it takes many days. I sent my email around 3am Saturday and got an answer the same day. And also unlike many places which send you a brief reply that often doesn't completely address what you ask, Alex answered each of my questions in detail.

    On this alone I'd have to recommend these guys.


    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for your inquiry. We have plenty of experiences in ZKW on E36. I personally have an E36 with ZKW as well. Here are some answers for you.

    1. ZKW uses H1 bulbs, not 9006. Stock E36 housing is 9006. Our rebased H1 bulb will fit ZKW perfectly and no modification required.

    2. Either you use ZKW or factory halogen, because our bulbs have exactly the same focal point as regular halogen bulbs, the beam pattern will remain the same but much more output. However, if it is within your budget, ZKW is definitely recommended.

    3. The battery terminal under the hood is exactly the same as actual
    "battery contacts". That is where you will use to connect our relay

    4. I would say 70% of E36 will get LBF after upgrade to HID, no matter what kit you get but the fixes on our site will work for all E36s.

    You can take a look few more pictures on our site. The E36 on there is using ZKW with 6000K kit. http://www.xenonfactory.com/resources/

    If you have any other questions, comments, concerns or want to place an order with us, please do not hesitate to email or call us. Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    Alex Hsu
    1-866-XF-XENON ext. 999
    1-866-939-3666 ext. 999

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