Hi Everyone,

Does any one know what ever happened to those painters/body guys
who used to work at Small Cars in Flushing?

Anyway, I need your help and any advise would be valuable.

I need to find the following:

1. A shop that can paint (the real german paints) BMWs to factory...
Also a shop that can also do paintless dent removal and really take the time to make it look right. Small cars was good but now gone.

2. An honest and knowledgeable mechanic who can replace
a transmission.

3. An honest and knowledgeable mechanic who can replace shocks and then correctly re-align the car so it drives straight. Also brake work.

4. Where's a good place you guys recommend for tire replacement @ good prices and who can actually balance perfectly.

5. A place where I can BMW OEM wheels at an unbelieveable cost.

Thanks very much for all of your valuable suggestions.

Does any one know where those painters from Small Cars went to/relocated?