Well guys i just left my baby at Desimone BMW in NJ (right outside of Philadelphia) with a laundry list.. they say a week or so to be on the safe side. I didn't buy it from them BUT they did give me a rental.

2005 645 (2004 build date)

1. Tranny BANG!! (Transmission software upgrade hopefully)
2. Left Daytime Running Light out
3. Molding falling down both windows (should be warranty)
4. Doesn't play MP3 cd's .. (needs software update)
5. License plate light warning comes and goes
6. Makes noise in dash definatly from car flex. Struts tighter?
7. Passenger window anti trap goes off alot!! sometimes takes 5 minutes to close window even if i inch it up
8. Casing around rear view mirror has come loose and fallen off.
9. Mirror stays in "down" position after car was in reverse and put in drive