Don't let what happened to me happen to you.

I was on vacation - taking my Z3 back to Homecoming at the plant in Spartanburg. On my return trip, I had a deer run into the side of my car in Iowa. When I reported it to the police, the cop made the report, then came back to me and asked if I was aware that my California driver's license had been suspended. I replied that I was not, but was handed a $200 ticket anyway.

I called the DMV. My license had been suspended in January, 2005, for DUI. I had never been stopped, never received a notification of either the charge or suspension.

Two weeks and two lawyers later I found out that the charge was from Eureka, CA. I have never been to Eureka, and have only a vague idea where it is. Thanks to the help of some very helpful people at the California DMV, I am able to find out that the cop in Eureka wrote the wrong driver's license number on the ticket -- mine.

I would suggest to everyone thart you perodically check your DMV record to make sure that sme junior college brownshirt hasn't put false information on it.