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    throttle body sync question for Philo

    Just wondering if there is any update since the post below...would you buy the same tool again?



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    No ...... >

    The Carbtune tool was a help but after using it a while I learned that it's not that accurate and I HATE buying cheap tools. I hear the mercury tool is much more accurate. Other problems are that the Carbtune tool only comes in a 4 cylinder setup.. so you need to switch the vacume leads when trying to balance TBs 5/6 and I feel this throws the whole setup off.

    I read about a guy that did TB syncing with some long vacume hose and a bucket of water.., but he had to place the bucket two flightgs of stairs lower then the car to keep from sucking water into his TBs.

    Anyway, I'm looking for a good mercury sync tool. Carbtune is childs play. I also want to try fitting an O2 sensor in the header ports and balancing the TBs that way.., might also try an EGT which I feel would give a more accurate picture of combustion balancing.


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    that was me with the bucket of water

    It was actually only a half level of a parking garage.
    THe method works well to get all cylinders sucking the same amount of air. Some say that is irrelevant, you need to measure the CO on each of the the exhaust manifold ports and adjust all TB for even mixture. Anyway my car is adjusted to even suction and runs well.
    Also I know now is that my idle is excellent since I removed my injectors and put them in a jewelry ultrasonic cleaner. (new pintle caps too)

    Let me know if you cant find my write up in the archives..


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