Such a perfect day for a EuroSunday! We were greeted by Alan as we drove into the Pavillions with his High Definition camera on his new crane...taking video of our cars coming in. Starting at 8:00am we had lots of 9:00am we were packed into 50 spaces in front of Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Fantastic mix of old and new with many models and makes being represented.

Some highlights;

Ron's 72 Roll Royce Silver Shadow dominated the first class luxury department, a new Morgan - it was of course British Racing Green, 1962 vintage Ferrari, an Alfa Montreal (for sale!), John's candy apple red Bricklin, M's everywhere, an 1800, beautiful 2002s, a Viper, a Z06 - the batmobile, a Vintage Lotus Elite, a Vintage Lotus 7, a Daimler Roadster, a Fiat Spyder, a Mercedes 280SL, a Porsche Speedster, a pair of Panteras, and a pair of Alfa Roadsters all mixed in with a beautiful assortment of Ferrari, BMW (cars and bikes), Citroen, Porsche, Mercedes, Lotus, and Volvo. No Lambos!! (2 out of 3 EuroSundays)

Check out the pics from Mark Gold - Thank you Mark

Check out the pics from Tim O'Sullivan - Thank you also Tim

Alan and I counted up 40-50 spaces being used most of the morning. After Adam took off with a dozen folks for the Tahoe drive...we had more folks arriving to fill their spots. Pat said she had the count of cars around 70 total by about 10:15 when most were beginning to take off. It was a great day! Pavillions turned out to be a great location for this event. We will plan on our October 22 at the same location. Mark your calendars for;

October 22, 2006 8:00am - 10:30am
$0 and no need to RSVP
The Pavillions 501 Pavillion Lane Sacramento, Ca 95825 (near Fair Oaks Blvd. and Howe Ave.)

Also...Alan thanks for the video work (looking forward to that video stream). Adam...thank you for the drive! Heard everyone had a great time and a good lunch.

I understand that Mike may be working on a breakfast drive that will end up at EuroSunday @ 8:00am...I'm in! Adam may have a drive in the works towards the end also..."spirited drivers" and the "cruisers". More details on that to follow. We still are expecting more pics and some video streams as well. PM for questions.