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    Replacing broken motor mount(s)

    Anyone do this themselves? Looks pretty straight forward to get a wrench on the bolts. My question is hoist the engine? Can I just jack it up or is there nowhere to get a jack without buggering the oil pan? If you are hoisting where do I hook into the motor? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    If it is a shop only item what should I expect to pay (labor - I already have the new mounts).


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    Re: Replacing broken motor mount(s)

    Its a car not a rocket. If you can find something solid enough to lift it by use it. If not go and invest a bit of cash on on an engine lift. If you want to be redneck about it use a sturdy tree or roof and a descent come along with a chain and wrap the son of a gun. But yes its as simple as it looks.

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    Re: Replacing broken motor mount(s)

    If you are careful you can get a piece of 3/4 inch plywood a little larger than the oil pan and piece of two by four to put underneath that and with a 1 ton bottle jack you can slowly lift the engine enough to change the mounts. Change them one at a time, take the old one out then bolt in the new one. DO NOT TAKE THEM LOOSE AND OUT AT THE SAME TIME. Make sure the jack is on solid footing and you have the car properly supported on the proper jacks or ramps.

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