my first time posting and i need some help.
I took delivery of a 2006 650I on May this year, everything was great at the begining, till about 3 weeks after delivery the car developed a very annoying rattle, took the car back to the dealer and after 5 days i was told that it was a "pin" on the convertible roof that was "loose" and it needed tightening.
3 days later the same rattle appeared again, took the car again and of course the same explanation after 5 days at the shop.
the car has been a total of 4 times at the shop for the same rattle, this time it has been there for a week and a half and i was told last week that BMW was going to replace the roof, then that they were going to replace the liner, this week i was told that BMW had requested pictures of the roof??
A total of 32 days at the shop and no solution. Has anybody experienced the same problem? and if so any solutions?
Thanks for the help.