The Panoz driven by SeaBass pulled Bill so easily down the straights it wasn't even funny. Bill was giving it his all, pushing the car past the limits, but each time he got the pass done, the Panoz would just lumber by on the straight making it look like the Panoz was a GT-1 car. Without more power, the M3 is just not competitive.

It is a true measure of how good PTG and the PTG drivers are that they can have that car up in the mix and on the podium occasionally.

It was too bad to see Bill make that mistake. It was obvious why it happend though. He had to keep his momentum up or the Panoz would catch him on the straight. You can't push that hard through every corner every time and not eventually see a mistake. It was a hell of a drive! It also sucked that they couldn't pull him out of the kitty litter and at least let him salvage 4th or 5th.