Hi Everyone,
I purchased a 1984 318i about nine months ago as a commuter car. Never owned a BMW and have fallen in love with this car. It is pristine and had 86,000 miles on when I bought it.
Last month I decided to "go through" the car and make sure everything was in top working condition. A mechanic was referred to me by a trusted friend who knows the 3 series in and out, and $3,000 later I thought I was free.
Here's the problem. About three weeks after the service the car died for no apparent reason. After driving for twenty minutes or so, when the engine was completely warm, the engine stopped. No studder, no starving of gas, just moving along and bammmm, red lights everywhere on the dasboard. The car started up immediately after each episode and I went on my way.
The stalling has occurred more frequently. I was going full guns toward an entrance ramp on the highway and bammm. Red lights and no engine. It fired right back up and I went on my way.
I took it back to the mechanic and he can't figure out what's going on. He's checked the air intake and said that isn't it, but is moving on to other "probable" causes. At $120 hourly (I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and NOTHING is cheap here) I don't want him poking around in there for days until my bill reaches another $3,000. Can anyone help? Since he's stymied, I thought maybe someone on the forum might have a clue as to what's going on so I can guide him in the right direction.
I had the engine service done which involved new plugs, fuel and air filter, distributor cap, ignition rotor and valve cover gasket. There were also a lot of hoses that needed to be replaced as they were original. P/S hose, idle control hose, etc. I also had the service indicator board replaced as the "Service" light was on constantly. New battery and other work done that has nothing to do with the engine. Like brakes and tightening up the gear shift.
SAVE ME! I want my 318 back and my savings account intact! Any clues that you can provide will be appreciated!