This seems to be a uniquely Canadian issue. I bought a car imported from Japan. It is a 09/91 750iL Highline. The radio frequencies in Japan are different than North America. I have been talking to a lot of local car stereo people (I live in Calgary), and I think I have heard every story possible, from you need to spend a minimum of $1400 to replace everything, to I can change your head unit , that is all thatís required (but has never done it before), to Ė Iíve heard that these guys have a chip that will convert it, to Ė Check the radio, Iíve heard a lot of them have a switch on them, to Ė Itís your antenna. These were all radio shop people which scares me from using any of them.

I am looking to keep it as original as possible (it only had 22kM on it when I got it, it is beautiful).

Any experienced people out there?Toshiba Tom
1992 750iL Highline