Just wanted to share my installation of 3M's new generation clear paint protection film using an Xpel authorized installer in north Houston.

I had the rocker panels on the Z8 removed and repainted and the film was installed prior to returning them to the car.

The front bumper was removed and repainted and completely covered with the protection film.

I added film to the hood and the fenders.

The result is my Z8 can now be driven with minimal bug stains and paint chip hassles.

The film disappears on this silver car and the installation was top notch. The installer explained that the film technology continues to improve which makes installation and the end result more outstanding. The bumper and the rocker panels are the most invisible. The lines on the hood can be seen but you have to be looking for them. I am glad I had them done. * Highly recommended*

Prior to having them done, I was inundated with constant paint chips and repair and always worried about getting them whenever I took the car out. Now I drive with a lot more peace.

The work was so well done that on Monday, I am returning the 540I to have it's paint protection Kit removed and replaced with the latest technology.