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    Dustless brake pads ???

    Wife's 2.5 X3 is finally out of warranty. Anyone know of a dustless or almost dustless brake pad?


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    which you can find on several web sites, and TireRack has them or something similar.

    Ask around. We've been told to definitely switch and never to switch. I think there is agreement that you'll give up some stopping power and may get some squealing back.

    We were lazy one winter and now our wheels are needing a refinish. So we're still just using the stock pads until we either need new ones or decide to fix the wheels. Given that this is a grocery getter, I should have switched when it was new...

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    I've owned a few new BMW's and

    many many old ones. I've never had a problem switching to near dustless pads. Mintex and PBR were two of the brands I've used with out a problem. Being how we most often drive as normal law obiding citizens, I have not really noticed any lack of braking. Even when required to brake hard, I still didn't have a problem. Realize that the worst pads on a BMW will far out brake the best pads on almost anything else.
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