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    M5 suspension and handling

    I am finally getting around to doing some mods on my '03 M5. I am very happy with this car in nearly every way. The most significant issue I have is that there is too much body roll going around corners and the steering to road connection is a little relaxed. Whatever changes I make in the suspension I do not want to compromise ride quality/comfort. My dealer has recommended a Dinan stage 3 suspension upgrade, saying this will provide all the "sport" I need from the suspension and will be even MORE comfortable than the stock suspension. This I find hard to believe. I am sure the Dinan upgrade is great for handling but generally handling performance and comfort are inversely related.
    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to lose the body roll and add a dose of crisper handling to the M5 without sacrificing comfort (it's my daily driver)?

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    Re: M5 suspension and handling

    It sounds like the best thing to do to fix your concerns with the least compromise, is to fit larger Anti-roll bars only. Or maybe just a larger front one. A larger anti-roll bar in front will make the steering response quicker, but if you change just the front bar, the car balance will go towards understeer, or less oversteer (depends where it is right now).
    If you fit the correct balanced front and rear bars, then you will keep the same balance, and reduce the overall roll. The downside with stiffer bars is that if you hit a bump with just one side of your car (like a pot hole), you will feel the jolt a little more that the standard set-up. If you hit a bump with both front wheels (like a speed bump at the supermarket), then you don't feel anything because of the stiffer bar ( the bars are only affecting the suspension when one wheel is asked to move in the opposite direction, or more in the same direction as the other wheel at that end of the car….either front or rear).
    If you do other suspension modifications....larger wheel/lower profile tires, stiffer dampers and/or springs,.....all of these will give more sport handling, less roll, quicker steering response. BUT they will give a less comfortable ride quality everywhere.
    If it was me, and 10 to 15% of my driving was “Sport Driving”, and the rest was just normal driving, then I would keep it standard. Depends where you put your priority. If most people are honest, then maybe only 10% at most, is Sport Driving. And then they hate the other 90%, and regret changing the car.

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