Good Morning,

I just registered and am in the process of ordering an '07 X3. Likely options picks are Premium, Cold weather, Automatic, heated wheel, upgrade headlights and steering system. This is mainly for my wife to drive to work through the rotten northern winters. She's coming out of an '04 Acura TL, great in the summer but worthless on snow or ice even with Bliazzaks.

So I have room to park all my toys in the garage, she parks outside. We had a remote start put on the TL and wife is happy. The local BMW dealer says that that they cannot install a remote on the new X3 and called several of their local shops about installing one to no avail. They finally found someone, but they (dealer) say it has to be a separate deal between me and the installer and that they (dealer) will not stand behind it. This seems pretty risky as I envision being stranded with a smoked computer, and with no warranty coverage.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Sorry to have rambled on and if this has already been thrashed out.

Thanks a lot and we can't wait to get in this car/sav/thing/whatever, our first BMW!